Unique Call


In Servanthood we lay down our own good works. We follow His leading, and respond to His call.

The good is the enemy of the best. Our good works are of little use in the Kingdom of God.

Instruction, Anointing and Intimacy

As we enter into silence, solitude, stillness and simplicity there are times when we hear His still small voice. When we do what he tells us it will result in the best. Both instruction and anointing for service come out of intimacy.

Bond Slave.
Bond Servant.

In relationship we are sons and daughters. In service we are "doulos", bond servants or bond slaves. The most powerful Christians the world has ever seen did not introduce themselves as sons but as slaves.

God calls each of us to serve Him in a way that is unique. No one else can be me, or do what I am called to do.

The world is filled with need, and problems, and every one of us fills some need; we are the answer to a problem. We are not called to do all things, only those authorized by God.

What Are You Uniquely Called to Do?

How do you know what you are called to do? These questions may help.

  • About what are you most passionate?
  • What do you most enjoy?
  • In the church and in society, the lack of what thing makes you most angry?

When you can answer these questions, you have found your unique niche.

My Call

I am content, living in
my little basement hermitage
and quietly fulfilling my call
as an urban monk/hermit.

It took me years wandering through the wilderness of professional church life, "pastoring", and any number of other things to finally discover my true person, true calling, and true place. I am not an evangelist, and that does not bother me. I love people but I have no call to pastor and look after them. But I am frequently blessed to clearly hear from God on behalf of persons or churches, and I prophetically share with them what I believe I have heard. And I have been used of God in teaching, preaching, and writing. But my primary call is to the Contemplative Life. I am uniquely wired to not just crave these seven disciplines about which I write and speak, but to derive great enjoyment and satisfaction from each. I am content, living in my little basement hermitage and quietly fulfilling my call as an urban monk/hermit.

In Servanthood we exchange our good for God's best. What could be better than that?

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