I Own This Book!

Word of God.

Some things are so amazing as to be beyond comprehension. Of the million of books published since the dawn of time, there is one - just one - that contains the holy, inspired Word of God. And in that Book there is a section called the Gospels that describes the Life and records the Words of the Jesus Christ, Son of God, God manifest in flesh and blood.

I own this book!

I have numerous copies in various translations. I did not have to scrimp and save for 20 years and pay an exorbitant fee for this miraculous masterpiece. Word of God. I purchased it easily and had I not had the funds, I could have received a copy for free. I stand in awe.

I have in my possession this wonderful book given to me by God though His Church, this miraculous volume in which every book, every chapter, every sentence and word is absolute truth from eternity past to eternity future, inspired by the Lord God Almighty.

What an amazing gift.

I have the pleasure and privilege of reading this book daily!

Through it I can receive the life and strength and wisdom of God. Through the Scriptures I can most clearly hear the voice of God. My inner man is nourished and my mind is renewed. This is a blessing beyond compare.

Raised With the Bible

We were taught that
it is a good thing to
commit oneself to read
through this Holy Book
at least once a year.

I have a godly heritage. Growing up the first thing my sisters and I would see in the morning was Dad eating his cereal and reading his Bible. The last thing we saw at night was Dad on his knees in the living room, heart open before God, Bible in hand. During the day we would see Mom in her favorite rocking chair, reading her Bible. I was raised with the Word of God a daily norm and necessity. And it has been so for me for all my years. I love my Bible. We were taught that it is a good thing to commit oneself to read through this Holy Book at least once a year. Considering the magnificence of this volume, that seems like so little, a bare minimum.


Word of God.

With that in mind, it is shocking to me that there are times when I am tempted to neglect this precious Book. This shows the weakness and depravity of the heart of man. I wish it was not so but I have learned that when I am in a less than spiritual frame of mine I need self discipline lest I fail due to the frailty of my flesh. But I suppose I should not be so shocked. The Word itself tells me that the natural man does not naturally love the things of God.

So, I apply discipline to my daily walk with God. I pick up the Book whether I feel like it or not, and when I do there is not one time when I am not blessed and glad I did. The regular faithful reading of the Word of God is an essential part of Contemplative Christianity. It feeds our soul, brings life to our Spirit, and transforms our minds.

For me, having a regular Bible reading plan is essential. There are 66 books in the Bible; in the Catholic version a few more. It takes about 60 hours to read from cover to cover. That works out to two hours a day for a month, 10 Minutes. one hour a day for two months, a half hour a day for four months, twenty minutes a day for six months, or just ten minutes a day for one year . . . fifteen at most if you do it slowly.

With an investment of 10 - 1 5 minutes a day we can read through the most magnificent volume on the planet and make the Word of God the ultimate soundtrack of our life. When I consider how much time I have spent on Facebook some days that seems like such a small discipline for such monumental results!

Desire, Discipline, Delight

I desire God. I apply discipline to that desire. Discipline applied soon turns into delight. God is good.


No wonder the enemy of our soul works so hard to keep us from opening this book.

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