Stillness ~ Introduction


Stillness is one of our four Contemplative gifts to God. It is the third candle on the Menorah lighting our way in the Holy Place.


In Stillness we make room for God to be present in a far too busy world. Stillness quiets our mind and helps us cease from our own busyness and labors. Moments when we are still, stopping all of our activity, we give him time and opportunity to work.

Although it can be uncomfortable, when we spend time being still He can fill the inner void with His Sweet Spirit, and His Pure Presence. As we become more comfortable in the moments of stillness we will be better able to maintain continual contact with Christ when we are active.

Some Thoughts

Being still before God also helps us be more fully present to people, to actually be with them when we are with them, to give them 100% of our attention during those few precious moments. This is a gift rarely given.

When we are still we can best experience the joy of His Sovereign Grace. There are so many things God wants to do in our heart and life that can only be received when we are still before Him. This takes our growth and advancement in His Kingdom beyond our own efforts and places it in His hands alone.

  • Stillness is the land in which I live, the fount and foundation for all that I do.
  • Stillness is strength.
  • Our stillness stirs His heart to acts of Divine Love.
10 Minutes.

All are not called to a full time Contemplative Life, but all are blessed who include moments of Contemplation in their life. Being still is a challenge, but ten minutes in Stillness before God will be transformative.

In Stillness I experience great healing and the Joy of God's Presence.