Solitude ~ Introduction


Solitude is one of our four Contemplative gifts to God. It is the second candle on the Menorah lighting our way in the Holy Place.


In Solitude we make room for God in a far too social crowded world that pushes Him to the sidelines. Our society is at war with being alone and imposes upon us the curse of constant connectedness. But we can have the joy of being alone . . . with God.

Although solitude brings us face to face with our emptiness, God wants us to feel the loneliness and the ache of heart and let that be an invitation to intimacy with Him. And as we become more comfortable in the moments of solitude we soon find we can be more at ease among others, even in a crowd.


There is a place in the Body of Christ for each of us, in which we function in relation to others, but there are also things God wants you to do that can only be done alone. In them we experience the delight of ministry that is seen and known only by Him.

Some Thoughts

  • Solitude is the house in which I live, with great delight.
  • Solitude is solace.
  • Our solitude fills Him with the joy of companionship.

All are not called to a full time Contemplative Life, but all are blessed who include moments of Contemplation in their life. You may not regularly spend days in Solitude, but moments of Solitude have great benefit.

In Solitude my spirit soars.