Silence ~ Introduction


Silence is one of our four Contemplative gifts to God. It is the first candle on the Menorah lighting our way in the Holy Place.

In Silence we make room for God in a world that is far too noisy, just to be with Him. Silence.
Silence best focuses our heart and mind and affections on loving God.

Some Thoughts

Initial attempts at Silence can be uncomfortable, but when in the Silence God makes Himself known, the blessings are sublime. As we become more comfortable in the moments of silence we are better able to sense His Presence and when He chooses to speak we can better hear His voice in the midst of the noise of the rest of life.

  • God reserves some of His deepest secrets to share during our most quiet moments.
  • While my heart and head soar to the heavens, silence is the ground on which I stand.
  • Silence equals serenity.
  • I am convinced that our silence is sweet music to His ears.
10 Minutes.

All are not called to a full time Contemplative Life, but all are blessed who include moments of Contemplation in their life. You may not spend hours a day in Silent Contemplative Prayer, but ten minutes in Silence before God will be transformative.

In Silence there is peace beyond comprehension.