Those Who Oppose


So threatened is the enemy by Contemplative Christianity and the practice of Silent Contemplative Prayer that there are whole websites devoted to condemning the very idea - Christian websites condemning any and every aspect of Contemplation.

Imagine that!

Centering Prayer


Admittedly, some of what they oppose needs to be avoided by all Christians. We are not to tolerate any infiltration of the New Age into the church nor, for that matter, any syncretistic mixture of Eastern Spirituality with Christian practice. These authors condemn Contemplative Prayer when they actually are rightfully warning about Centering Prayer. But upon closer examination it is clear they are not one in the same. In fact, they are vastly different in both form and function. Centering Prayer is not a Christian practice.


But sadly that is not all they oppose, and not the only reason. They condemn some practices simply because they are found in their best and most pure and developed form among Roman Catholics. Anything touched by Roman influence is immediately vilified.

How sad.

If you are a Roman Catholic reading this, do not let your heart be troubled. Those who oppose know not what they do.

If you are not Roman Catholic please know that God has deposited in Catholicism rich spiritual truths and deep devotion practices through which all can experience profound intimacy with God. He chose to develop them there; don't be so foolish as to deprive yourself of their benefit and blessing just because you disagree with or do not fully understand Catholic doctrine and practice.

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