Nine Simple Words


Christians are not the only ones feeling the call to a simpler life. The book stores have many volumes and the entertainment media is full of stories of the struggle and even heroic and sometimes extreme exploits in Simplicity. We can see the cautionary tales of Hoarders. Talk shows interview anti-clutter experts. And I am fascinated with the Tiny House movement. These are not only a delight to watch, there are many lessons to be learned.


It is good to listen to those who have made a profession of helping people simplify. Those wise and courageous enough to take their advice report lives not just simplified, but transformed.

How to Simplify Your Space

The main motto of the simplifier is "A place for everything, and everything in its place."

These nine simple words can transform your life and your living space. They are the key to almost everything.


I see posters and internet postings that essentially say, “My house is messy, but my kids are loved. My priorities are in the right place.”


This is not an either/or situation. We can do both. We must simply develop good habits.

Good habits increase productivity and fruitfulness. God wants us to go from 30 fold increase to at least 60 fold, but it is hard to get things done when you cannot easily find the tools with which to work, or the space in which to do it.

So organize. Clean up. It won’t kill you. In fact, it will free up your time and emotional energy to be more efficient, and to be more present to the ones you love.

Do It Now


Do it now. Always do it now.

Everyone knows where a fork goes. It goes in the fork section of the cutlery drawer. Treat everything like you would treat a fork. You hold something in your hand. Take it home. Don’t make it wander or lie in some distant corner of the couch. Don't put it down and have to pick it up later to put it away. Take it home. Put it where it goes. There; now it’s done!

Get Rid of the Excess

Yes, you have too much stuff. Get rid of what you don't need. Get rid of what you don't love. Clean, organize, and eliminate anything that does not bring beauty to your life. Keep all the rest. See how simple it is?

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