Just Say No

Abundant Life.

If you are unable to say the word "No", you will never enjoy the blessing of a simpler life. This means saying no to the bad. It also means saying no to a lot of good.

Sin Complicates Life

There are some temptations which we resist. Others we flee. Resist or flee, both are ways of saying "no" to sin.

The things that God forbids He does so for only one reason; ultimately they are not good for us. They usually provide short term pleasure for long term pain.

The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. That is his desire. Sin is his tool. When we agree with his lies and act in agreement with his plan, it throws our inner man into absolute turmoil. It also wrecks havoc with our circumstances. Nothing complicates life quite like sin.

A healthy dose of holiness and the fear of the Lord is a good antidote to the foolishness of sin. Repentance simplifies everything, eventually. It takes a while for the damage to be undone, but at least you are now on the right track. A holy life is a very simple life.

The Problem of Good Intentions

Just Say No.

Saying no to the good in favor of the better is essential to simplifying out life. We cannot be everywhere doing everything all the time. We each were divinely designed for a specific purpose. Everything in our ancestry, the genetic code of our DNA, our upbringing and our environment, even the consequences of our good and bad choices - it all prepares us to fulfill our destiny.

We are all specialists at something. We need to discover our own unique call and keep to the area of our assignment. That means saying no more times than we say yes. And it means saying "yes" to the right, and following through with our commitment. This is the way of prosperity and peace.

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