Building our Inner Sanctuary

Inner Sanctuary.

God is always present but cannot always be felt. God is always speaking but cannot always be heard. We need times of fasting from the external stimuli so that the hyper-activity of our inner thoughts and the too loud voices in our spirits can die down. As they die down and we become silent and still within, we then realize that God has been there all along, and when He speaks His still small voice becomes crystal clear.

We enter our secret place and in so doing construct a secret place in our heart. I have discovered the more I give myself to Silent Contemplative Prayer the larger the Inner Sanctuary of my heart becomes, and the easier it is to access. When we enter into a set time of Silence before God we connect and our spirits can then continue in that place of inner silence and stillness before Him throughout the day.

When we become comfortable in the silence we are better able to hear His voice in the midst of the noise. When we are comfortable in the solitude we can be more at ease in a crowd. Becoming more comfortable in the stillness we will be better able to maintain continual contact with God when active, even in the midst of chaos and confusion. Becoming more comfortable in simplicity we are less captivated by our possession, positions and pleasures and more able to love God and humankind. Silent Contemplative Prayer prepares us to better enjoy all of life.

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