Contemplative Caveat Emptor


There are few things more beneficial to the life of a Believer than Contemplative Prayer and the Contemplative Life. One need not be called to be a Monk, Nun, Religious Brother or Sister, or Hermit to benefit from times of Silence before God, or from incorporating Contemplative practices into one's lifestyle. Sadly, while doing so, there is so much of which to beware.

As wonderful as the Contemplative is when spiritually sound, it seems the spiritual landscape is overpopulated with things to avoid and in many places both the good and the bad are presented as good. The following graphic shows in alarming detail this disastrous trend. So much of it sounds so very good. But sincere God loving people are walking into things detrimental to their entire well being, especially their spiritual health and their walk of intimacy with God.

Tree of Contemplative Practices.

Synergistic Marriage

If the enemy cannot eliminate something good and godly, he will seek to defile it. In Numbers 22 when Balak the son of Zippor called Balaam to curse his enemy the Children of Israel so he could defeat them, Balaam was unable to do so. No matter from what angle he looked, he could only bless. When that failed he advised the Moabites to make peace and marry into Hebrew families. Caveat Emptor.
Buyer Beware. The marriage of the two accomplished what direct opposition never could. We can tolerate no synergistic marriage of Christian practices with the unfruitful works of darkness. Most of the so-called contemplative practices on the graphic have absolutely no place in the life of a God loving Contemplative Christian.

Buyer Beware

Here are some guidelines to follow. If it is not solidly Biblical, if it borrows language and technique from other faith traditions and spiritualities, if it is not 100% centered on the Lord Jesus Christ, avoid it completely. Don't feed at that table. Don't drink at that fountain. Don't follow those practices. And don't make excuses and offer justifications for doing so. These are polluted streams. Poison in the root means poison in the fruit. You will be defiled and damaged. As you would in the natural, do so in the spiritual. Investigate fully. Examine the origins. See if there is any synergism. Avoid the bad. Embrace the good. Love God.

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