The Contemplative Answer


The spirituality of Buddhism, Yoga, and other New Age practices, with the emphasis on self emptying, and the philosophy of "no self", is not just fatally flawed, it is dangerous. But sadly we often teach against these things without offering the Christian alternative.

New Age.

Honorable Desire

I honor the desire of those who pursue these disciplines. It is good to realize that people pursue these false spiritualities in an attempt to satisfy a legitimate hunger that the Lord has placed in their heart. They are responding to a godly desire, trying to find the right way.

But these disciplines are not the way. In fact, they are the opposite of the way. They are the counterfeit. We can affirm their spiritual hunger and by example and teaching and testimony show them the truth. God wants to meet with us in the silence, and the stillness. Contemplative Christianity is the answer to the hunger in the human heart.

Devotional Disciplines

Tragically, much of the church has also lost its inner way and abandoned the disciplines of Contemplative Christianity, in favor of the more concrete devotional disciplines which promise more dynamic results. Unlike the false spiritualities of Buddhism, Yoga and other New Age practices, these devotional disciplines are godly and produce good results, but we should not pursue one to the neglect of the other. Only the Contemplative disciplines will answer the deep hunger of the human heart to meet with God in the Silence.

Lead the Way

Christian Contemplation.

The world has pursued the false only because we have failed to present them with the true. They embrace Silence, and Stillness, and Solitude, and Simplicity because God has placed in their heart a longing to meet Him in the Silence and Stillness, and Solitude, and Simplicity. They enter false paths because they do not know that these disciplines are found in their only true form in Christianity.

Within the heart of all humanity a godly desire remains, and begs a godly response and a spiritually sound answer. When necessary Contemplative Christianity teaches against ungodly practices, but more importantly it reveals God's answer to the longing of the heart of all humanity. Only the Contemplative disciplines will answer the deep hunger of the human heart to meet with God in the Solitude, Silence, Stillness, and Simplicity. Christians are called to lead the way.

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