Centering Prayer


Unfortunately I need to share with you a warning of a different more subtle kind of danger. Centering Prayer and Contemplative Prayer are not one in the same. Centering Prayer is an attempt to mix ungodly and forbidden spiritual practices with Christianity. It is wrong. Centering Prayer. We cannot tolerate or practice any synergistic combining of the two. It is a spirituality of which the form and the foundation and the function are fatally flawed. It will not draw you closer to God. It does not offer the substance of true spirituality, but a sly and subtle substitute that has deceived many.

The Foundation

Centering Prayer does not come from Christianity. It borrows its foundation from the poverty of Transcendental Meditation, which is a secular form of demonic Hinduism. (I am giving a stern warning; I have no desire or need to be gentle or polite.) Using these borrowed techniques it promises oneness with the god within.

The Form

The form is not that of Silent Christian Prayer. All things Christian begin and end with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is no more evident than in the words used to describe the process.

The Function

Ultimately Centering Prayer does not bring you into true communion with the Lord Jesus Christ but into a self hypnotic state, sadly a substitute for the real thing.

The Forbidden

The Word of God is clear. We cannot mix light with darkness, or good with evil. We cannot feast at the Table of the Lord and the table of demons. These are like oil and water.

The Fullness

Do not be deceived by a false form founded on an ungodly foundation. True Silent Contemplative Prayer is easier to do, is Biblically sound, and will open your heart to the fullness of God in Christ Jesus. Don't settle for anything less.


Recommended Resources

For a more complete description of the origins of Transcendental Meditation and the spiritual dangers involved I recommend you read the following article on The Danger of Centering Prayer.

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